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Free Classified Ads!

07/31/2008 07:58
  Post your text ad in the classified section of my Adboard for free!  I've also updated Your Business with new information on traffic exchanges and safelists. I've have added a Growing Your Business page including a new product, Site Build It!   I hope that you find these helpful.

Site Updates and News

07/27/2008 18:39
An update has been added to the Internet Marketing and Other Scams page to include the GPT Boycott List. The Traffic Exchange reviews have been updated to include two new traffic exchange sites: Traffic Exchanges My Home Income Team Website has been addded to...

New Page Added & Scam Warning

07/24/2008 04:47
I've added a new page with a list of known scam sites: Internet Marketing and Other Scams Please pay special attention to the "Phony Paid Survey E-Mail" article. Please check back often for updates. If you're aware of other scams and fakes, please e-mail me. Let's watch each other's...

New Top 100 List

07/22/2008 03:09
I've just created a new topsite for content related digital downloads.  This one features books, courses and audio related to health, family, pets and well-being.  If you have a related product, please add your link: Top 100 Downloadable Books For Your Life

New Opportunities Added

07/20/2008 00:56
I've found two great new opportunities that I wanted to share. You can find them at the top on the Opportunities page:   Opportunities I've added new products and advertisers to the shopping sections as well, so stop by: Your Life Children, Pets and Family Well...

Programs Not To Join

07/18/2008 13:23
Sadly, I've already had to add a product/program warning to the site. This article is based on personal experience: Clickbank Storefront I felt that this information was important enough to pass on.

New Possibilities

07/14/2008 07:04
I've spent the weekend adding many updates to the site. Please visit the Well-Being Your Business Your Life and Opportunities pages to view new products and opportunities. Thanks for coming by, and please enjoy our visit!    

Growing Fast!

07/10/2008 08:52
Thanks for visiting! My site is in pre-launch and my goal is to have it completely ready by August 1, 2008. Affiliate programs are not "get rich quick" schemes and require a fair amount of work! Thus far, I am having a blast creating this site! I got a little excited and went ahead and put the...

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Possibilities by Parthena is the new sister site of my main website, Parthena Black - Dreams In Polymer Clay And Wire.  I LOVE affiliate programs! I've had such fun finding and working with affiliate programs that I decided that they deserved their very own website.  At Possbilities by Parthena, you'll find the best and most useful products, tools and business opportunities that I've found in my travels around the web. Through traffic exchanges, I've become acquainted with many internet business opportunities and decided to include those as well.

Affiliate programs are a wonderful way for both companies and individuals to market their productsand services and increase profits.  Affiliates are paid commissions when a customer purchases the product through their efforts.  The products, resources and opportunities on this site are not served directly by me and will be delivered to you by the companies that produce them.  I have had a great experience with each of them and do not anticipate any problems.  If something should come up, please notify me immediately through the e-mail links on each page of this site.

Have fun browsing, and I hope that you find the perfect opportunity for success here!  And if you're not interested in any of the opportunities presented, just go shopping! 

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